Citizenship and Religious Studies

All pupils in state school education have an entitlement to Citizenship and Religious Studies. In Year 9 at Samuel Ward this entitlement is taught through CRS. At the start of Year 9 all pupils start a GCSE course combining RS and Citizenship themes and skills. In Year 10 pupils will continue with their GCSE course receiving two lessons a week of CRS, building on the two lessons a week in Year 9.

At the end of Year 10 they will have the opportunity to sit the final examination consisting of a 1½ hour written paper. 

PSHE provision in KS4 is mainly taught in CRS lessons with the remaining aspects being dealt with in the morning ‘Meeting time’ sessions.

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Religious Education

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Details of what students are studying in Citizenship and Religious Studies are available on the department page. Resources for students are available if you log into our VLE: