Dear Year 11,

Welcome to the Haverhill Community 6th form 'A Level and Vocational prep learning': Monday 7th June to Friday 25th June 2021. Here you will find a range of academically stimulating tasks set by your teachers plus, courses for Mandarin, life skills, first aid, and much more. 
Please download the prep learning packs for the subjects you wish to study in September 2021. Included in the pack is the email address of the Lead Teacher for each subject; please email them for any support needed and to submit your learning.
If you are choosing to study elsewhere; please visit the website for your chosen institution to access prep learning. However, if no work is provided, we are more than happy for you to engage with our offer.

Good luck,
Ms Cavilla Perkins


During the next 3 weeks you will do some transition work to prepare you for your course starting in September 2021.
Below are links to the support videos for the 9 lessons. Each lesson will given you an understanding of the topics for the first three units of your course.