At Samuel Ward, the offer of Classical Civilisation at GCSE and A Level allows pupils an insight into the classical world which is both intrinsically interesting and culturally important. For generations a classical education was considered a privilege for the few, not the many, and at Samuel Ward we feel all pupils deserve the option of learning about the classical world.
As a GCSE option, pupils are introduced to the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds initially through a comparative study of myth and religion. Here pupils are able to read and discuss myths and their role in the ancient world, as well as study the material culture of religion such as famous temples. Pupils then go on to read sections of Homer’s Odyssey and consider the Mycenaean world which inspired its writing.
At A Level, pupils deepen their understanding of the epic through comparison of the writings of Homer and Virgil, considering the composition and cultural meaning of the epic. They also build on their knowledge of Greek religion through an in depth study of Greek beliefs and ideas including the philosophical ideas of Socrates. Finally, they consider the ways in which Augustus was able to build his image as a politician to convince an anti-monarchical Rome to his one-man rule. For all of these topics, pupils will consider academic texts and debates which stand them in good stead for a range of subjects at university.

Year Key Stage Curriculum Map
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