Congratulations to Isobel who has won the Suffolk Schools U16 girls Table Tennis title and will represent the school and county at the national finals in Wolverhampton in April.

This is the 5th year in a row Isobel has won but the first time at U16 which included over 70 competitors from years 10 & 11.
Last month Isobel also won the County U18's girls title which was a first for her and takes over from her sister. However, she did then lose the final of the U15's which goes to show that she does have competitors locally if not at her best. Nationally she is now ranked 37th at U15 with one more year to go in that age bracket. She currently trains 3 evening a week and plays tournaments most weekends as well as the occasional trip to play in Holland.

Table Tennis is a great sport to get into and if you are interested in playing there are various clubs that you can join in the area. Attached is a flyer detailing the junior coaching available at clubs in Suffolk.