By the end of their time at Samuel Ward Academy, young people will be equipped with the skills required to make appropriate financial decisions and to appreciate and understand the potential consequences of their financial behaviours.

All pupils at Samuel Ward Academy will have access to a cohesive and progressive programme of Financial Education which is taught across the curriculum, primarily through PSHE, CRS, Work Related Learning and Maths.


Whilst in KS3, pupils will have the opportunity to explore themes including:

  • How to manage money
  • Becoming a critical consumer
  • Understanding the important role money plays in our lives

During KS4, the learning from KS3 is built on and pupils will also learn about:

  • Managing risks and emotions associated with money
  • Work, income and deductions
  • Dealing with fraud

In the Sixth Form, the focus shifts onto planning for independent living and includes looking at Student Finance.

Department Staff

  • Mrs M Cowlin

    Religious Studies & Citizenship Teacher

  • Mrs J Singleton

    Careers Practitioner

  • Miss L Welsh

    Mathematics Teacher, Lead practitioner & Research Scholar