At Samuel Ward Academy the History department ensures students gain a full rounded education looking at many different time periods and topics. All students will develop how to debate, construct arguments, analyse historical interpretations, as well as assessing the usefulness of primary sources as forms of evidence.

Students carry out ‘story summaries’ to help them gain knowledge from across the world when they are studying one particular topic in depth in order to make sure they have an extensive understanding of the world.
Students learn topics across KS3 from the Medieval Period through to the Present Day. They look at key historical events and people to debate and answer exciting historical questions such as ‘Did the Normans ‘transform’ England?’, ‘Was the Glorious Revolution either ‘glorious’ or a ‘revolution’?, and ‘How ‘wild’ was Mao’s China?’.

At GCSE students learn four main different topics focusing on Medicine and treatment from Medieval times until present day as well as understanding surgery on the Western Front. They will also learn about the construction and fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi Party. Students also learn about the Cold War looking at the power struggle between USA and the USSR, focusing mainly on the changing situation within Europe and the Satellite states. Finally for GCSE, students will learn about the Anglo-Saxons and Normans to make sure their breadth of knowledge is developed.

When students enter A-Level they will have the opportunity to learn about the Tudors, Russian Revolutions, and American Civil Rights for African Americans. They will also learn how to carry out independent research which is robust, giving them the confidence to challenge sources of information.

Throughout all the topics students study across KS3-5 in History, the students will have the opportunity to thrive and gain a passion to learn about the past.


Year Key Stage Curriculum Map
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Department Staff

Miss F George Head of History
Mr C Hogg Teacher of History & Deputy Head of HC6
Mr C Langan History Teacher
Mr R McGaughrin Teacher of History