It is now compulsory for all students to study English Language and English Literature at GCSE level.  The English department aims to inspire and instil a life-long love of literature in all students.  We encourage students to read for pleasure, at home on a regular basis (approximately 20 to 30 minutes every day) as we believe that this will significantly increase their chances of gaining the equivalent of a good pass or higher in English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE.

English Language

Year Key Stage Curriculum Map
12 & 13 KS5 Download

English Literature

Year Key Stage Curriculum Map
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Department Staff

Mrs S Baker Teacher of English
Mr A Bayford Teacher of English
Mrs G Crawford Teacher of English
Miss N Harriss English Teacher
Mrs D Jackson Assistant Head of Year 11 & KS3 Teacher of English
Mr E James Teacher of English
Mrs P Pilley Head of Year 11 & Teacher of English
Mrs S Lorking Teacher of English
Mrs O Rudkin Teacher of English & Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs E Sheehan Second in department for English