We are passionate about creating a student centred learning environment where pupils can be happy and confident in their participation of all activities. We want all pupils to be engaged and challenged, acquire and develop specific skills, be creative and resilient and reflect upon their learning in order to foster a lifelong desire to participate in sport, recreation and competition.

The curriculum is structured to allow pupils to experience a mixture of competitive and non-competitive activities along with units focusing upon personal health and fitness. All activities are undertaken in conjunction with the school’s vast array of enrichment and extra-curricular choices and schools competitions. We strongly believe this is important to maximise pupil progression and achievement as well as preparing them for county and regional competitions.

Activities which pupils undertake are: football, netball, rugby, basketball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, tennis, personal health and fitness, rounders, softball, cricket and athletics.

Physical Education

Year Key Stage Curriculum Map
7 & 8 KS3 Download
9, 10 & 11 KS4 Download

BTEC Sport

Level Key Stage Curriculum Map
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Department Staff

  • Mr K Fidell

    PE Teacher

  • Mrs C Field

    PE Teacher

  • Miss S Ireland

    PE Teacher and Head of Year 11, Associate Senior Leader

  • Mr M Morrison

    Mathematics & PE Teacher

  • Mr E Pickerin

    PE & Geography Teacher and Head of Cavell House

  • Mr T Sari

    Head of KS3 PE

  • Miss K Tharby

    PE & Public Services Teacher

  • Mr R Thompson

    Head of PE