Using and Understanding Go4Schools

We use Go4Schools to report to parents. This includes information on your child’s progress in subjects as well as attendance information – as can be seen from the guidance notes below.

Logging on to Go4Schools

To log on to Go4Schools click here or on the logo below

If you have not yet registered, you will need to log on as a first time user. Type in your email address that is registered with the school (e.g. and request a password. You will receive a password to your registered email account (e.g. your gmail account), after which you can use your registered email and newly supplied password to log on to the Go4Schools parent site. You can then change your password to something more memorable using the ‘My Settings’ section of the website.

Understanding the grades in Years 7 to 11

Target grades

There are two target grades on your child’s progress report: 
The ‘Minimum Target’ grade is the minimum expectation of attainment within the subject. 
The ‘Aspirational Target’ grade indicates the level to aspire to in order to be placed in the top 5% nationally compared to students of a similar Key Stage 2 ability. Aspirational Target Grades can be raised if they are not challenging enough and are being consistently exceeded. 

Current grade

This is an indication of a student’s current performance relative to what is expected at their age. Therefore, in simple terms, a ‘5’ in Year 9 is harder to gain than a ‘5’ in Year 7 as more content with greater difficulty has been taught by then. Current grades are reported as split grades. For example, ‘5+’ indicates a high level 5, ‘5’ is a secure level 5 and ‘5-‘ suggests a student is just achieving a level 5. Current grades are determined using termly assessments whilst also taking into account the quality of classwork and homework.