Home study

At Samuel Ward Academy, we believe that home study is an integral part of our pupils’ curriculum, enabling them to enrich their knowledge, enhance their skills and develop their organisational skills. Weekly home study activities will require pupils to explore, investigate and research their subjects in greater detail and support their classroom learning.

How much home study will my child have each week?

Years 7 and 8              20-30 minutes set for each subject, 3-4hrs a week

Year 9, 10 & 11           45 – 60 minutes set for each subject, 7-8hrs a week

Years 12 & 13             20 hours a week, some of which will be completed in their study periods

How will this home study be set and how will I know what it is?

All of our home study is set using Go4Schools. This means that pupils and parents can access home study activities easily and complete the work even when they have not been able to attend a lesson. It enables teachers to attach useful files and links to websites alongside clear instructions and timings. Our departments also use a range of online platforms such as GCSEPod, Seneca learning and Mathswatch to set home study and they’ll ensure that pupils and parents have everything they need.

The Samuel Ward Academy Way:

We expect:

  • Teachers to set regular, useful home study that supports pupils developing their knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Pupils to complete their home study on time, crafting detailed and beautiful responses, clearly labelling and dating their work
  • Parents to support their children to complete their home study by helping them with the advice, space and time that they need


Please contact Mr Sumner, Deputy Headteacher responsible for Teaching and Learning, if you have any questions about home study at Samuel Ward Academy