Full school uniform is compulsory and is as follows:

Navy/Royal Blue suit Navy/Royal Blue suit (female cut)
Blue long or short sleeved shirt Blue Revered neck blouse, long  or short sleeved
Navy clip-on tie
Navy Jumper (optional) Navy Jumper (optional)
Coloured house badge Coloured house badge
Plain black/navy socks Plain black/navy socks
Grey hooded sweatshirt Grey hooded sweatshirt
Grey Polo shirt Grey polo shirt
Navy jogging bottoms Navy jogging bottoms
Navy shorts Navy shorts
Navy sports socks/white socks/trainer socks Navy sports socks/white socks/trainer socks

Uniform is available to order online from:

How to order uniform items

We are currently unable to offer fitting sessions due to covid 19.

A sizing guide is available on the school colours website.

Go to  www.schoolcoloursdirect.co.uk/customer_groups/choose_group/15 and order the items you require

  • Orders will be processed within 1-3 working days and delivery to home with be next day after processing. Free to school deliveries are fortnightly and can be picked up on a Monday week 1 and week 2 each month.
  • Items can be delivered directly to your home but prices will include a delivery fee 
  • If you prefer to collect your items from the Academy, there is no delivery fee and they can be collected from the school.
  • For any enquiries about your uniform order, please go to ‘Contact Us’ on the School Colours Direct web shop: enquiries@schoolcoloursdirect.co.uk and you must quote ‘Samuel Ward Academy’, the name on the order and the order number 
  • For current students requiring a new uniform for September, please make sure that you order well in advance. You may prefer to have your orders delivered to your home address as deliveries to the school are unlikely to take place between the 2nd week in July and the end of August.
  • School Colours launched a new & improved webshop in February 2021. You need to register for an account before you can see the uniform. If you have previously purchased items from School Colours you will need to set up a new account to log in. If you need any information from historical orders please contact enquiries@schoolcoloursdirect.co.uk

For orders placed in July and August 2020:

Please place your orders by 10am on 13th August to receive your uniform before the autumn term. 
The School is expecting one delivery during the summer holiday which can be collected on Wednesday 26th August between 9am and 4pm.
The next delivery into school after that will be the 11th September