Our Values
Compassion is caring about others and listening to those who are hurting. It is about showing kindness to all people.
Courage is being brave when we are scared and being able to do something when we feel bad or fear we might fail.
Hope is knowing and wanting good things to happen and doing what we can to make good things happen.
Integrity is being honest and trustworthy. It is being true to yourself and your beliefs.
Justice is making sure we treat others and ourselves fairly.
Resilience is about being able to stay strong when things go wrong.
Respect honours the good that others and we do. It values people and things for who and what they are. It honours people and things of special worth.
Responsibility is taking care of the people and things that are ours. It is about keeping our promises and doing our duty for our family, school, community and country.
We gain wisdom through learning and doing. Wisdom is knowing what to do. It is knowing right from wrong, good from bad.