• Sociology

    Sociology is the study of the society in which we live and it examines how we are influenced and shaped through being members of groups and organizations.

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  • Financial Education

    "Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship". Benjamin Franklin.

    By the end of their time at Samuel Ward Academy, young people will be equipped with the skills required to make appropriate financial decisions and to appreciate and understand the potential consequences of their financial behaviours.

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  • Science

    Gain an in-depth understanding of the world around us and beyond

    At Samuel Ward Academy scientific knowledge in each of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics is delivered in science lessons across the 5 years. Throughout the 5 years your child will be exposed to a large breadth of scientific knowledge from learning about our own bodies to the interdependence of life on Earth, the chemical nature of our planet and how humans interact with and manipulate it, the laws of physics that govern us and our place within the Universe. Mastery of this knowledge and how to apply this knowledge will provide them with the foundations of better understanding our world and allow them to critically analyse and interrogate information and observations to make informed decisions. In addition to this we will teach your child(ren) important scientific skills (e.g., predicting, analysing, evaluating) as well as providing opportunities for them to develop their practical skills (thinking methodically, safety, problem solving, making accurate observations/measurements) – mastery of these skills will provide them with transferable skills to take forward to their post-16 choices.

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  • English

    The English department aims to inspire and instil a life-long love of literature in all students.

    It is now compulsory for all students to study English Language and English Literature at GCSE level.  The English department aims to inspire and instil a life-long love of literature in all students.  We encourage students to read for pleasure, at home on a regular basis (approximately 20 to 30 minutes every day) as we believe that this will significantly increase their chances of gaining the equivalent of a good pass or higher in English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE.

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  • Mathematics

    "Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas" – Albert Einstein

    Mathematics is a rich, stimulating and engaging subject. By developing logical reasoning and problem-solving skills students will be better equipped to understand, challenge and change the world around them.

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  • Photography

    Photography gives you the opportunity to work and experiment with all types of photographic skills and equipment such as Digital Cameras, 35mm Cameras, developing in the darkroom, studio lighting and using Photoshop.

    Experiment with photographic techniques ideas of your own to create unique photographic works.

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  • Drama

    Drama isn’t easy, we’re just good at it

    Drama has remained a very popular subject here at Samuel Ward Academy and is responsible for the artist ethos of the school. Over the last few years we have a had a strong collaboration with the Music department and have merged the two subjects into the Performing Arts area.

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  • Music

    If you love to perform, have a passion for writing your own music and a thirst to learn more about some of the greatest music ever written, music is the course for you!

    Develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in music, whatever your previous experience. Build on the knowledge, understanding and skills already developed, and take the opportunity to perform and compose with live instruments, or using professional notation and sequencing software in a supportive environment. Develop a real understanding of how music across history was written, including music from the musical Wicked and the blockbuster film franchise, Star Wars!
    Employers across a wide range of industries and professions are increasingly looking for evidence of creativity in potential employees, something which studying music will give you in bucket loads!

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  • Health & Social Care

    Why choose Health & Social Care?

    1.    Job opportunities are endless – the NHS is the 3rd largest employer in the WORLD!

    2.    Provides life skills that you will always use in the future

    3.    It’s fun and interesting

    4.    Most people care for others at some point in their lives

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  • Food & Nutrition

    Learning how to be make a variety of healthy, safe and ethical dishes and the theory that goes into these choices.

    The Food and Nutrition department are passionate about ensuring that all students leave Samuel Ward Academy with the skills and knowledge to produce healthy and delicious food. We have put together curriculums at all stages that ensure that students are able to develop key culinary skills alongside robust knowledge of nutrition, safety and ethical issues so that students are able to achieve in all areas of the food curriculum.

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  • Design Technology

    Technology - create your own tomorrow.

    Design and Technology is a subject focused on solving problems with creative and imaginative solutions. Our students are introduced to challenging, relevant and exciting concepts that encourage them to think up and create solutions that demonstrate understanding, originality and possibility. 

    In a world where technology is now part of everyone's daily life, it is vital to understand how things work and the knock on effects this might have for the world we live in. Understanding how materials, manufacturing process and design procedures work in respect to environmental, sustainable, moral and ethical decisions is part of creating "good design" and a focus we adopt in D&T at SWA.

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  • Modern Foreign Languages

    Language is your communication passport to anywhere in the world.

    Do you love to chat or make up stories?

    Then this for you!

    It is also for you if you love to read and explore new languages.

    If you want to stay in Suffolk, there is a shortage of French and German speaking employees so you will be in demand. If you are a future globe trotter then you will need languages to get around, explore other cultures and meet other citizens of the world yourself. Top universities prefer candidates, especially for Maths and Science courses, who also have a language, as it shows good communication and interpersonal skills. Wherever the future takes you, languages will enhance your chances and make you stand out from the crowd.

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  • Geography

    Be more aware of the challenges and opportunities the world faces #YourFuture

    The world is a dynamic place, ever changing and adapting. Our changing climate is causing great concern for the future; the weather in the UK is becoming more extreme. Inequality is worsening and the development gap is widening. Are governments doing enough to support their populations and environments? To achieve sustainable development and and global equality, governments need to work together. The world is changing, terrorist attacks are becoming more frequent. Globalisation and social media are tracking these events on a global platform, many communities have a heightened fear of crime. Natural disasters are more frequent, yet the responses in the developed world are excellent- yet still many preventable deaths in the developing world. You need to be part of the future; a bottom up approach with you as a global citizen.

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  • Physical Education

    He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life

    We are passionate about creating a student centred learning environment where pupils can be happy and confident in their participation of all activities. We want all pupils to be engaged and challenged, acquire and develop specific skills, be creative and resilient and reflect upon their learning in order to foster a lifelong desire to participate in sport, recreation and competition.

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  • Film and Media Studies

    Media Studies is an interesting and dynamic course because it’s a mix of artistic, practical and English based analysis.

    If you have an interest in film making then this is THE course for you. You will be taught how to use a video camera, set up shots, edit clips together to make a story and add music so that your film making slowly becomes much more professional. Alongside this practical side, you will study film genres, from Thriller to Action and Adventure. Your analytical tasks will consider how people are portrayed in the music industry and you’ll be given many opportunities to develop and share your opinions. It’s a hands on, high energy course.

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  • History

    Without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like trees without roots

    History is fascinating in its own right, ranging from the poignant to the gruesome and the everyday to the bizarre.  By studying History, we can appreciate the story of our own country and its place within the wider history of the world.  History is an impressive subject to have on a CV as it teaches the skills of explanation and analysis.  The high level skills taught at GCSE History are transferable to any other subject or career and this is recognised by colleges, universities and employers.

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  • Art & Design

    "An artist paints with their brain and not with their hands." - Michelangelo

    The Art and Design course follows a Fine Art route leading to a GCSE in Art and Design. This allows students the freedom to explore many different types of art specialisms whilst on the course and choose their own direction of study. This enables us to build a personal curriculum around the interests of each individual student and at the same time rapidly develop with them high order technical and creative skills to guarantee they achieve very high standards.

    Students from our school are encouraged to submit work to the Creative Youth Forum that was founded by Mr Williams

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  • Citizenship & Religious Studies

    Introducing students to a variety of contemporary topics that are debated in our modern world.

    https://samuelward.co.uk/files/resources/Curriculum%20Maps%202019_20/re-ks3-yr7-8-.pdf?69bda58912In CRS pupils learn to respect themselves and understand their own identity, to respect others, and to understand their own and others' rights and responsibilities. At a time when communities are becoming more diverse there is an even greater need for a more religiously literate and tolerant society. CRS plays a key role in creating social cohesion and generating genuine understanding between communities reducing friction, intolerance and social unrest. CRS makes a key and unique contribution to understanding British heritage, plurality, values and futures. It provides an excellent opportunity for young people to engage with contemporary contentious issues, developing social, moral, cultural, political and philosophical awareness.

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