Location: samuel ward academy, haverhill, suffolk
Start Date: Monday 16th March 2020
End Date: Friday 20th March 2020

Information day – come and ask your head of house or ambassadors if your not sure how to take part this week – the more the merrier!

Balloon pop challenge + Rock Paper scissors tournament – lunchtime, sports barn, prizes! - 50p donations to take part!

Chuck-a-sponge – chuck a sponge at your Head of House at lunch time! Staff welcome! 50p/sponge! £1 for 3!

Bake sale – bake sale at lunch and break time in B-Block break out area! Bring some spare change!

Non-Uniform Day – come in non-uniform (£1), and add odd socks to help raise awareness for our house charities and Down Syndrome.

Staff match – 2 staff teams battle it out!