Below you will find the key dates for each year group, as well as key dates for all school years. This is not an exhaustive list of all events and occasions but is instead meant to highlight what we believe to be important dates for your calendar.

Tuesday 12th Septemeber -Meet the tutor evening 

Thursday 21st March - Parents Evening

Assessments - 3rd-7th June

Parents Evening - edmnesday May 22nd

Assessments - 15th-19th April

Thursday 25th January - options evening

Wednesday 27th March - parents evening

Assessments- 5th- 9th Fenruary

Parents Evening Thursday 18th January

Mock exams 17th June - 5th July

Information Evening - 21st Seprtember

Parents Evening - 28th September

Mock exams 4th - 31st January

Parents Evening 2 - 13th February

Exams  13th May - 26th June

Prom 4th July

Results 22nd August

Results Thursday 15th August