6th November 2017 

Dear Parents and Carers 

Term dates 2018-19 

We need to publish term dates for all Trust schools for the next school year September 2018- July 2019. There is a proposal to change the dates for the Haverhill schools in the Samuel Ward Academy Trust so that the autumn term has a two-week half-term break. There are a number of reasons which have led to the proposal, not least because we have seen that the second half of the term has a higher level of pupil absence. Each term has its own characteristics: 

The autumn term is a very significant part of the school year. Teachers know that it is a very important term for covering as much as possible. It is also a very important term for all those who are new to their particular phase – whether this be reception class, starting in secondary school or in the sixth form.The spring term varies in length because Easter is a moveable feast.The summer term is the time for children in particular year groups having either national tests or public examinations. 

We are keen to look at whether dates for the school year could be re-set to facilitate a two-week half-term break in October. This would also provide opportunities for those wishing to book a holiday within our own school closure period, but outside the standard national half-term break, to take advantage of lower prices. We want to know what our parents and carers think of this idea and welcome your thoughts. The consultation period will conclude on 23rd November and the final term dates for 2018/2019 will be confirmed by the end of this term. Please let us know your thoughts by: 

  • sending an email to termdates@samuelward.co.uk
  • writing on the back page of this letter and passing it to the school office
  • in person on Monday 20 November,16.30 to 17.30 at Samuel Ward Academy

The proposed dates for terms in the school year September 2018 – July 2019 are shown on the back page of this letter. As you know, the school is part of the Samuel Ward Academy Trust. All the schools in the trust in Haverhill are considering the dates suggested in this letter. We have talked with other multi-academy trusts that have made this change and they reported it worked well. Yours sincerely 

Mark Neild