November 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

This year the school canteen will be serving “Christmas Dinner” on Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 December. The cost for the Christmas dinner will be £2.50.
Students can choose which of the days they have their meal as it will be served each day on both sittings. Those who do not wish to purchase a Christmas dinner will be offered a reduced alternative menu.
In order for the canteen to be able to purchase sufficient quantities of ingredients, tickets for the Christmas dinner will be available to purchase in advance from the canteen from Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December, tickets will not be available after this. There will not be a separate addition to your Parentpay account therefore the £2.50 should be paid onto your usual school meal account and will be deducted by the canteen at the till when tickets are purchased. 
Please purchase Christmas dinner tickets in advance in order to avoid any student being disappointed. Students who are entitled to a free school meal must see the Canteen manager for a ticket.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Wendy Jeffery

Office Manager