Dear Parents and Carers,

This is just a short note to share some information you might find useful.

New Enrichment Programme

The Unity Schools Partnership ENRICHMENT programme is now open to students in all our secondary schools.  Teachers from across the trust are creating and offering fun and exciting things for you to experience. New activities and opportunities will be added to our padlet menu each Monday at 4pm. To check out what is new and on offer visit:

Or, here’s a shortened version.

Both work to point you to same place.

Some activities as we develop our Unity School's Partnership ENRICHMENT programme will be offered live as advertised on the padlet. To take part in one of these activities you need before the activity day to email;   

When emailing you need to say which activity session you wish to join. Your name will be forwarded to the teacher in charge who will let you in when you click on the link in the padlet on the day.

We look forward to seeing lots of students from across the trust taking up this offer.  Enjoy!

Covid over Half Term – Mini-school only

We hope you stay safe over the half-term week. In the event that a child has a positive covid test result and was in school this week, we need you to let us know so we can inform anyone who was in contact at school that they need to self-isolate. From 3pm on Friday 12th February, the school office will be closed, so please contact the trust office and give details of the test result, when the child was last in school and when the first symptoms were observed. Where necessary, the school will get in contact with just any affected families.

 Please contact:

Thank you for all of your support this half term. I hope your children have an enjoyable rest next week.

Andy Hunter