Dear Parents and Carers,

Adjustments for September

We’re working on a plan to adjust rooming and introduce a one-way flow system around the site to reduce congestion in busy places and try to keep students from having to move as often or as far. We’re also looking at how we can reduce contact during breaks and lunchtimes without reverting back to the old system of having two breaks and two lunches. I will share all that in detail with you when it’s finished rather than sending out information bit by bit. In the meantime, if you want some reassurance that we are responding to all of these challenges in a measured, detailed way, I’ve completed a substantial risk assessment which will be available on the website shortly.

New Staff

Our other news this week is that we are today hosting all of the new staff for next year for a partly socially distanced, partly remote induction day. I’d like to welcome, in no particular order:

Miss Mountford  - Science

Miss Woodward - Maths

Miss Fisher - Science 

Ms Sankey - MFL 

Mrs Reed - Art

Mrs Hanagan - Art 

Mrs Osborne- Geography

Mrs Paine- English

Mr Vasili- English 

Ms Bryant - Cover supervisor / Health and Social

Summer Concert

Finally for this week, I’d like to invite you all to our Virtual Summer Concert, streaming live on You Tube next Friday at 7.00pm. It hasn’t been easy to plan that with all of the attendant social distancing requirements, but the team have put a lot of work in to make sure it is safe. It will be a lovely way to end the year. There will be details of how to access that next week, along with more detail about our plans for September.

Have a good weekend,

Andy Hunter