Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this bulletin finds you all well. Due to a lack of need for childcare over Easter, we will be closed from the end of the day today for two weeks. During that time, I have asked that no work be set. I have also asked that no currently set work should have a due date before the Wednesday of the first week back. I want everyone, teachers, students, parents trying to run a home school whilst working themselves, to be able to have a rest.

I’d like to thank those of you who have sent in encouraging messages during this time, and also those of you who I’m sure have had queries but haven’t asked them to save our workload. I very much appreciate your patience. As always, if there is something you want to ask or clarify or challenge, please feel free to come directly to me. I’m likely to be able to give a more accurate answer than Facebook can.

Some of you will have seen in the local news about the break in at school last weekend. It sickens me to the stomach that anyone would do something like that at any time, let alone a time like this. I find it difficult to understand. I suppose it’s natural that people should feel angry, scared and confused at the moment and maybe this was a way of letting that out. If it was, it was the wrong way. The repairs will cost thousands at a time we can scarcely afford it. If you know anything at all about the incident, I’d be pleased to hear it. 

Although the school is closed for the next two weeks, if you need to get in touch with us for any reason at all, please feel free to do so via the usual channels. It will be no imposition and we will do our best to help. I hope you are able to have a break and enjoy some time with your families over the holiday.

Happy Easter,

Andy Hunter