Dear Parents,

As you know the heating in one of our teaching blocks, B Block, failed this morning having been repaired yesterday. Yesterday we kept the school fully open trying to use portable heaters. Reflecting on feedback from a variety of sources I felt this was not sufficient to do this again today. This is why I partially closed the school today.

The engineer has been in all day today and has found the fault and (nearly) completely fixed it. I say nearly as we now have heating in all but four classrooms in B Block. The site team are going to move the portable heaters into those four rooms and have them turned on from about 06:30 tomorrow morning.

Therefore, we will be fit for a full opening tomorrow (Wednesday).

I have asked the site team to notify me as early as possible about the boiler in case there is another issue tomorrow morning, if there is another issue I will put out a notification through our various sources as early as I can, you may want to check my Twitter account @emneild as this is the quickest medium for me to give notifications.

The engineer is coming back tomorrow to try to sort out the four rooms - it is about air trapped in the system at this point.

I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused you and our students.

Very best,

Mark Neild
Headteacher, Samuel Ward Academy
Deputy CEO, Samuel Ward Academy Trust