FAQ’s after consultation. 

What time is detention?
Monday and Friday:                                       Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
30 minute detention: 1500 - Room A19         30 minute detention: 1550 - Room A19
60 minute detention: 1500 - Room A19         60 minute detention: 1550 - Room A19

How long do they have to stay?
If they have a C3 it will be for half an hour and a C4 will be for an hour. However, failure to turn up will result in a double session the next day and 2 C3s in a day will mean an hour and so on.

How will I know my child has a detention?
We will send you a text on that day to let you know.

How will my child get home after a detention as they will have missed the bus?
You will need to arrange transport home for them instead.

What if I can’t pick them up immediately at the end of the detention?
If you call and let us know we will supervise them until you can get there up until 6pm. If we don’t hear from you, we will let them go at the end of the detention.

How can I help my child avoid a detention?
Talk them through the policy, remind them to be aware of their behaviour especially after their name goes on the board. Encourage them to use respectful language when being spoken to and to follow the perform rules. The ability to self-regulate their behaviour will equip them well for adult life.