Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been waiting to write to you this week because it looked likely that the guidance on face masks might change. Now that it has, I’m waiting to see the document from the government saying exactly that the rules are – all I’ve heard is what’s been on the news.

I will write to you before the weekend with a clear position on facemasks in school, as well as other helpful information. In the meantime, there have been three common questions that I’ll address now:

Do children come to their first day at school, then stay home the next day?

No, once children have started school, they have started. We are building up the numbers gradually so that there are more students in school each day for the first three days.

Do children need their own equipment or will you provide it?

Children will need to bring with them all the stationery and equipment they need. We will not lend any out and we will not allow students to borrow each other’s, for obvious hygiene reasons.

Do students need PE kit on their first day?

No, students will not need PE kit on their first day.

I will write in more detail before the end of the week. In the meantime, I apologise that I will not be able to answer individual queries which will be dealt with in my forthcoming letter.

Andy Hunter


Samuel Ward Academy