Dear Parent/Carer

Ensuring that our students have a wide range of enriching opportunities is something that I am very passionate about. The new, longer lunch time has bought with it the opportunity to run lunch clubs for our students. Therefore, I have been working with staff to coordinate a selection of activities across the two-week timetable so that our students can meet new people, have fun and learn new skills during their lunch break. The students have had the clubs advertised to them in tutor time this week, however, there is a list below for you and your child to look at and discuss over the weekend as they will start as of Monday 18th September.

Should your child wish to come along, all they need to do is turn up on the day at the room where it is being held. Students will be able to check the days and rooms for each of the clubs on the club’s noticeboard which is located on the middle floor of B Block by the printer. Please tell your child to check back regularly as new clubs will be added throughout the year.

Some of our staff also offer after school clubs, these run from 15:20 until 16:00 and the list of these is also below. If your child is a bus student, you will need to find alternative travel home for them should they wish to attend an afterschool club. Occasionally our performing arts clubs will finish later than 16:00 due to the nature of them and the requirement to rehearse for performances but the department staff will let you know about this in advance.

Lunch Clubs:

Art Club


Photography Club

GCSE Maths Revision


Book Club

Swing Band


Music Theory /Catch-up


Drum Circle

Pop Band

Spanish Club


KS4 Drama Club

Mindful Colouring

KS3 Drama Club

Languages HW help (all years)

Design Drama Club

KS3 Science Club

Tech Club (Music & Lights)



After school Clubs:


Art Club

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Drama Production

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



KS3 Girls Football


Gym Workout


KS3 Netball


Y7 & 8 Football


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the new clubs on offer.

Best wishes

Daisy Hopkins

Aspirational Brave Compassionate

Assistant Headteacher

Samuel Ward Academy

Chalkstone Way